Superior Water:

Mira-Water Home cleans, mineralizes, energizes

Fresh drinking water

modeled after nature’s water

Like mountain spring water, Mira-Water from

our device penetrates the cell membranes

with its natural crystalline structure

Enriched with alkaline minerals

Drinking water without toxic footprint

Noticeably softer and fresher taste

For humans, pets and plants

Available in two versions:


Mira-Water Home Gold Edition

(Energizer Head plated in 24 carat gold)


Mira-Water Home Silver Edition

(Energizer Head rhodinized with Silver)



467 x 175 x 267.5 mm

(18.39” x 6.89” x 10.53”)

Height to water outlet is 296.5 mm (11.67”)

Weight (net):  7 kilo (15.5 lbs.)


Technical data:

– requires power (100–240 volt)

– connects directly to water supplied under the sink

(e.g. in the kitchen)

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